Why Impact Windows & Doors are the Right Choice for Your Business

Business owners have a lot of things on their plates. While mission-critical tasks pertaining to everyday operations may take center stage, some other considerations can add value in less obvious yet equally important ways. One such consideration? Impact windows and doors.

Wondering whether impact windows and doors are a smart choice for your Florida business? Read on to learn six reasons why impact windows and doors are a strategic investment.

1. Hurricane Protection

Not only have extreme weather events increased in both frequency and intensity in recent years, but this phenomenon is expected to continue as a result of global warming. While businesses in coastal communities face the biggest risks of wind damage and flooding, the reality is that devastating storms are a rising threat—especially in South Florida.

In addition to the cost of rebuilding, the downtime associated with repairs is also significant. All told, the expected annual economic losses from hurricane damage to commercial businesses hovers around a staggering $9 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

One way to minimize your business’s risk of incurring devastating storm damage? Invest in commercial impact windows and doors. Extra strong and durable laminated or laminated insulating windows are less likely to break when subject to high winds and flying debris. And while they’re not completely shatterproof, they’re also designed to splinter into many small, pebble-sized pieces.

Furthermore, aluminum high performance impact windows and doors can also enhance the structural integrity of buildings.

2. Insurance Savings

Wind mitigation tactics, including impact windows and glass, are a powerful defense against catastrophic wind damage. In fact, they’re so effective that some Florida insurance companies offer discounts and credits for buildings with wind and hurricane-resistant features. This is just another example of how impact windows and doors can pay for themselves over the long run.

3. Security

With inflation soaring and the economy suffering, retail theft is skyrocketing in the United States. Given that the majority of break-ins are crimes of opportunity, business owners can take steps to keep potential intruders, looters, and other human threats away.

In addition to installing alarm systems and cameras and evaluating landscaping and lighting features, largely inviolable impact resistant windows can also be an excellent deterrent.

4. Energy Efficiency

Impact windows and doors offer extraordinary energy efficiency. In addition to reducing your business’s carbon footprint, installing impact windows also means you can look forward to reducing your utility bills. In scorching Miami, these savings can be significant.

While a commitment to environmental sustainability has inherent value for businesses, it’s also an excellent marketing tool—especially when you factor in that 4 out of 5 consumers say they’re more likely to support energy-conscious brands.

The takeaway for business owners? If you do upgrade to impact windows, make sure to let your customers know.

5. Noise Reduction

Noise can interfere with everything from employee productivity to the customer experience. Unfortunately, noise entering your business is often out of your control. If your business is situated in a busy area, that may be great in terms of foot traffic, but not so great in terms of noise.

That’s where impact windows and doors come in. The same qualities that defend against strong forces, unwanted intruders, and heat gains and losses also block noise. The result? A quieter and more comfortable environment for conducting business.

6. Curb Appeal

If your goal is to get more customers through your doors, the importance of an attractive facade cannot be overstated. Especially at a time when decisions are made in split seconds and consumers hold businesses to higher standards than ever before, it’s imperative to make sure your storefront’s appearance makes a positive first impression.

Not convinced? According to one study, a whopping 70 percent of first-time sales are attributable to curb appeal. And while an inviting exterior invites customers in, a run-down or dated exterior can have the opposite effect.

Available in an array of design styles, sizes, and colors, high performance impact windows and doors can be an elegant addition to any commercial building. Aluminum, in particular, offers a sleek, modern aesthetic.

It’s not just about installing beautiful windows and doors, however. You must also keep your storefront windows and commercial glass doors looking their sparkling best. This is another area where high performance aluminum products shine—both literally and figuratively: they require minimal care and maintenance.

While selecting high performance impact windows for your new commercial building or remodeling project can seem like a large upfront investment, this valuable home improvement trend comes with many benefits—not only for your business, but for your employees, customers, and even the planet.To start elevating your business with high performance commercial windows and storefront doors from Eco Window Systems, find a dealer near you.