What Are Impact Windows?

Impact doors and windows are designed to protect your family from extreme weather, would-be intruders, outside noises, and much more. Although debris may crack the glass, a durable interlayer helps prevent destructive elements from entering your home.

Impact Benefits

Storm Protection

Hurricane windows and doors protect against flying debris. Even if the glass is damaged, an impact window will remain secured in the frame and protect you.


Impact windows absorb noise and significantly reduce common disturbances, including barking dogs, lawnmowers, and traffic


Hurricane windows and doors are incredibly efficient. Even in the scorching Florida heat, your home will be insulated and your electricity bill will be lower.

Uv light Protection

Impact resistant windows’ interlayer provides a barrier against UV rays. It protects your furniture, carpeting, window coverings, and artwork from fading.


Impact windows offer resistance against would-be intruders. Laminated impact glass remains intact even if it’s cracked.


Impact resistant products can potentially increase the selling price of homes and lower homeowners-insurance premiums.

Where to Buy

New custom windows and doors are a great investment with many benefits.

Our Eco-Guard™ Windows and Doors dealers can help you find the best products to improve your home and lifestyle.