b'FIXED PROJECT OUTFIXED E550 PROJECT OUTE560MAXIMUM MAXIMUMFRAME DEPTH: 2 3/4 FRAME DEPTH: 2 3/4WIDTH: 66 WIDTH: . 53 1/8HEIGHT: 96 HEIGHT: 37 SIZE: 42 X 96 DESIGN PRESSURE:. +70/-70 psf(7/16 OR IG)LARGE MISSILEADDITIONAL FEATURESDESIGN PRESSURE:. +70/-75 psf 5/16 HS/HSADDITIONAL FEATURESCenter-mounted operator with5/16 HS/HS nesting handle Miami-Dade County approved: small-missileDual camlocks impact testedOPTIONSOPTIONSEnergy efficient LoE coatings7/16 HS/HS Equal leg adapter Energy efficient LoE coatings Extruded double-applied 1 colonial muntinsEqual leg adapterInsulated laminated glass with argon Extruded double-applied 1 colonial muntins Insulated laminated glass with argon9'