b'E700 D O O R SMAXIMUMWIDTH: 192 SlidingHEIGHT: 108. PANEL SIZE: . 48x108 or 54x96DESIGN PRESSURE:. +70/-80 psf ADDITIONAL FEATURES Aluminum E700 7/16 HS/HS Aluminum E750 Miami-Dade approved:small andlarge missile impact Stainless-steel wheels FRAME COLORS Dual-point lock assembly 1 sill riser: (not water rated)2 sill riser: 47 psf STANDARD FEATURES2 3/4 sill riser: 70 psfHeavy-guage aluminum T6 alloy OPTIONSConcealed installation screwsInsulated laminated glass with argonClear, Gray, Bronze, Solexia Green,Aluminum double-applied 1 colonial muntinsAzuria, Obscure (White Interlayer) Energy efficient LoE coatings ScreensDouble weatherstripping E700-3 available in pocket configuration E750MAXIMUMWIDTH: 108HEIGHT: 96. DESIGN PRESSURE:. . +70/-130 psf with reinforced astragalADDITIONAL FEATURES7/16 HS/HS Miami-Dade approved: small and large missile Florida Product approved: small and large missile Stainless steel wheels Dual-point locking system Reinforced astragalOPTIONS Insulated laminated glass with argon Energy efficient LoE coatings Aluminum double applied 1 colonial muntins11'