b'IDEAL FOR LARGE OPENINGSE200 E250MAXIMUM MAXIMUMFRAME DEPTH: 2 3/4 FRAME DEPTH: 3 3/8WIDTH: 111 WIDTH: 144HEIGHT: 63 HEIGHT: . 50 5/8 (LARGE MISSILE) (LARGE MISSILE)DESIGN PRESSURE:. +80/-90 psf DESIGN PRESSURE:. +70/-70 psfADDITIONAL FEATURES ADDITIONAL FEATURES5/16 HS/HS7/16 HS/HS Miami-Dade County approved: smallMiami-Dade County approved: small missile impact missile impactStainless-steel rollers Wide range of styles and sizes includingXO,OX, XOX, unequal 2- & 3-Panel configurations 2- & 3-Panel configurationsOPTIONS Energy efficient LoE Coatings OPTIONS Energy efficient LoE Coatings Insulated laminated glass with argon Insulated laminated glass with argon Equal leg adapter Egress sash locksEqual leg adapter Extruded double-applied 1 colonial muntins Unequal VentExtruded double-applied 1 colonial muntins5'